Become a member of the Society

Complete the MEMBERSHIP FORM and include membership dues and send to JAGHS, P.O. Box 5048, Johnstown, PA 15904-5048. Make checks payable to "JAGHS"  

Membership dues are:





FAMILY $15.00

STUDENT (School or College full-time) $5.00

Members of the Johnstown Area Genealogical and Historical Society research family surnames and derivations of those names. Below are two files. The first, Surname Index, is a list of all the surnames being researched by members of the Society. The second list is the researcher's contact information in case you wish to ask questions or share findings.

Directions for use of Surname indices

If you are looking for a surname and want to contact a genealogist who has done research on that name. Follow these simple steps:
1) Open the "Surname Index" file and locate the surname you are interested in.
2) Write down the numbers that appear to the right of the name.
3) Open the "Researcher's Address Index" and locate the number in the left-hand column.
4) This is the name and address of the genealogist who has done research on your surname.